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Tibet - Kailash & the Guge Kingdom

From the great monasteries and temples of Lhasa and central Tibet take a pilgrimage to and around the sacred mountain at the heart of Buddhist, Hindu and Jain cosmology, spend a night on the shores of the vast blue Lake Manasarovar - legendary birthplace of the great rivers of Asia. Travel through stunning landscapes to explore the religious and artistic heritage of the historic kingdom of Guge, on the banks of the Sutlej River. Cross the vast grasslands for a spectacular close-up view of the world's highest mountain.

Sacred spaces and stunning landscapes! Magnificent temples, mountain passes, snow-capped peaks, nomad camps, pilgrims – this is truly a journey to stir the senses and nourish the soul - of all the destinations in Asia, the most sacred and sublime. The days of travel are long, the roads are dusty and bumpy - and it is a world that will take your breath away.

Explore the heart of central Tibet, the great temples, monasteries and palaces of Lhasa, Gyantse & Sakya before traveling west, back in time and history through dramatic landscapes to Tibet's most sacred pilgrimage sites - Mount Kailash, Lake Manasarovar, Tithapuri - and to the region that was once the heartland of Tibet, the ancient kingdom of Guge. The 3-day circumambulation of Mount Kailash is challenging due to altitude, but within the capabilities of any healthy person - and timed to coincide with the full moon, it is an incredible time.

Stunning views of Qomolangma (Mt Everest) and a day trip up to base camp are a highlight before traveling back east to Shigatse and the incredible Tashilumpo Monastery - then follow the Yarlung Tsangpo (Brahmaputra) back to Lhasa for last minute sightseeing & shopping.

Of incredible geomantic power Kailash (Sanskrit) or Kang Rinpoche (Tibetan) marks the center of the Earth for Buddhists, Hindus, Jains and Bon. To Buddhists it is the abode of Demchok, the wrathful manifestation of Buddha Sakyamuni. To Hindus it is the dwelling of Shiva, the destroyer and according to the Sanskrit tradition of Vishnu Purana it is a representation of Mount Meru, the cosmic mountain at the center of the universe. It is the place where the founder of Bon descended to Earth and where the founder of the Jain faith was spiritually awakened.

Kailash is also the geographical watershed of South Asia, here its great rivers are born - the Indus, the Sutlej, the Yarlung Tsangpo (Brahmaputra) and the Karnali / Ganges. At its foot lies the most venerated of Tibet's lakes, Manasarovar, believed by Hindu's to have been formed in the mind of Brahma.

Once the heartland of Tibet, the remains of Zhangzhung date back over 3,000 years. Later the kingdom of Guge flourished from the 9th to the 15th centuries, with its strong links to Ladakh and Kashmir it is extremely important in terms of Buddhist art history. The remains of this kingdom stand in a landscape so overwhelming as to defy description.

Group Departures 2018
July 02 - July 19
August 19 - September 05
September 16 - October 03


01: Arrive Lhasa - transfer to hotel
02: Lhasa sightseeing - visit Drepung & Sera
03: Lhasa sightseeing - Potala, Jokhang & Barkhor
04: drive via Yamdrok Lake to Gyantse
05: visit Pelkor Choede - drive to Shigatse - visit Tashilumpo
06: drive to Saga
07: drive to Menshi & visit Tirthapuri
08: drive via Dungkar & Piyang to Tsada
09: Visit Tholing & Tsaparang (Guge Kingdom)
10: drive to Darchen
11: Kailash Kora to DiraPhuk
12: Kailash Kora to Zhutrul Phuk
13:complete Kailash kora -  overnight Darchen
14: drive via Chiu Gompa (Lake Manasarovar) to Saga
15: drive via Paiku Tso (views of Shishapangma) to Rombuk 
16: Hike to Everest Base Camp - drive to Sakya
17: visit Sakya Gompa - return to Lhasa
18: transfer to airport & depart 


"We did indeed have an unbelievable and unforgettable time and very thankful to all of you at Tibetan Expeditions!
We hope you're doing well."

"From initial contact with TE to Kathmandu it's been a wonderful experience"

"Thank you so much for your help in arranging our trip to Mt. Kailash and the Guge Kingdom during the Saga Dawa festival. All the staff from Tibetan Expeditions were more than helpful, often going far beyond what we expected from them to make our time in Tibet more comfortable. Your flexibility in making travel arrangements after the earthquake in Nepal really impressed us. I would recommend Tibetan Expeditions to anyone seeking an informative trip to Tibet"


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